Nourhan Sharif Workshop Topics

Oriental Choreography

Just what it says! Nourhan will teach a full Oriental choreography to maybe Sit El Hosen, or Nour Cairo Han.

Rhythm Training & Drills

Using her 4 Cds for training with Rhythms (co-produced with Karim Nagi), learn rhythms while learning combinations, as Nourhan uses her signature methods to drill technique into your body! Be prepared to sweat and really learn those Middle Eastern Rhythms!

Assaya Technique (open levels)

Nourhan is known for her earthy Saidi movements and improvisation with the Assaya.  More earthy & heavy than urban Cairo music, the scratchy cry of the rababa & the swirling shout of the mizmar inspire a strong yet playful dance. The canes twirl & strike to the pounding Saidi beat of the huge Tabla Baladi. All the women & men of Southern Egypt enjoin in the optimistic tradition of Upper Egyptian dance. Their long galabayya flows with the song. The altitude is high, but the center of gravity is low!!  Everyone will participate in this workshop by creating their own combo with the Assaya.

Veils and combinations for the Bellydancer

Dancing with air – the art and mystery of veil work – mesmerize your audience with the poetry of swirling silk and the promise of lands long forgotten. Nourhan teaches how to make it look easy, natural, and feminine.

The spirit of every dancer is unique– the truly creative dancer calls all the elements into the realm of her performance– the excitement of fire, beauty of air, wateriness of emotion, and grounding to the earth. Nourhan Sharif invites you to explore your own relationship to the elements and your own creative spirit through the magnificent experience of Middle Eastern Dance.

Dancing to…
Ulm Kalthoum, Abdel Halim Hafiz, Warda, and/or George Wasouf

Based on your feedback, Nourhan will provide an introduction to exploring the rich and diverse music of one or more of these artists through lecture, combinations, and choreography.  Their music is known to every Arabic speaking person on the planet, and as such it is essential background for any form of this dance!  Their music can be hard to dance on, but is highly potent when done properly.  Nourhan also will suggest which songs every dancer should have in her library, and give cultural information that will help interpret this music.